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In light of an exceptional substance made by cloud newcomer Rebecca Blunt, the movie takes after the tragic Logan family who plan to scour the Charlotte Motor Speedway, and endeavor to keep away from getting got by the FBI.

Jimmy Logan, a manual specialist whose once reassuring football calling was decimated by harm, is laid off from his improvement work at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. While passing by his ex Bobbie Jo to get their young lady Sadie for a shocker expo, he finds that Bobbie and her new companion intend to move to Lynchburg, making it fundamentally harder for him to visit.

Enraged, Jimmy goes to a bar continue running by his kin Clyde, an Iraq War veteran who, as a result of losing some segment of his left arm, wears a prosthetic hand. Max Chilblain, an influenced British representative, and his partners arrive and insult Clyde before getting in a fight with Jimmy. Meanwhile Clyde sets fire to their auto with a molotov blended drink. On out, Jimmy hollers “cauliflower”, which Clyde sees as an old code word from when they used to execute wrongdoings as young fellows. Following day, Jimmy unveils his mean to exploit Speedway, abusing his understanding into pneumatic tube system for moving money.

Clyde agrees to the course of action, and he and Jimmy enroll Joe Bang, a condemned safecracker, and furthermore Joe’s nitwit kin Sam and Fish, and their own specific sister Mellie. They expect to break Joe out of prison and return him when the heist is done before anyone observes. Clyde inspires sent to imprison on a minor charge. Mellie, Sam, and Fish swarm the Speedway’s major vault with cockroaches, driving it to be cleaned and empowering them to gage it. While gathering supplies, Jimmy meets past colleague Sylvia, who runs a compact office in dire need of endowments. Jimmy finds that advancement at the speedway is being done before schedule, driving them to present the heist earlier, in the midst of the extensively busier Coca-Cola 600 race on Memorial Day end of the week.

Joe and Clyde compose the correctional facility’s detainees to organize a swarm, the lockdown covering their nonattendance. They escape through the doctor’s facility and leave the prison by concealing under a movement truck. Mellie meets them with a stolen sports auto, and drives them to the Speedway. Meanwhile Sam and Fish crush the principal generator with a dangerous, obliging all dealers to change to cash. Joe improvises a hazardous from whiten, sticky bears, and a dietary salt substitute to detonate the basic pneumatic pipe; the group begins vacuuming the money. The staff see smoke leaving the tubes, and security watches are dispatched to investigate, however a distraction set up by Jimmy and one of Clyde’s expel supporters shields them from finding the heist. Disarrays develop when Clyde loses his prosthetic hand in the midst of the vacuuming, and he and Joe are spotted by Chilblain and his upheld NASCAR driver Dayton White while progressing back to imprison. Incidentally, the action is a win, and Jimmy influences it to his daughter’s to demonstrate likewise as she plays out a variant of his principle tune, “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. Jimmy surrenders the money and anonymously alerts the police so they can recoup it.

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