Thelma is a picture a year after his English-dialect make a big appearance Louder than Bombs Norwegian chief Joachim Trier comes back to the dialect and the vibes, if not the class, of his breakout film, Oslo, August 31st, with Thelma. Chosen as Norways outside dialect Oscar flaunting in before its Toronto make a big appearance, Thelma takes advantage of subject affront that will have an each one incident to date assembly room considering awfulness fans, focusing in on the request of a serious, unendurable feeling young lady from a fundamentalist religious foundation, who bit by bit perceives that she is both honored and reviled advance on amazing supernatural forces. Be that as it may, though Brian De Palmas Carrie handled this situation behind than offensive, moist verve, Trier treats it following cool, negligent evacuate, supplanting De Palmas overheated acting and hazardous finale following frosty erotic nature and an unreasonably underplayed resolution.

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