The narrative of The Emoji Movie recounts the tale of the city of Textopolis, which is an anecdotal city in the Messaging application on a cell phone. The cell phone is possessed by an adolescent called Alex. Textopolis is a brilliant city that is occupied by different emojis. These emojis are relied upon to delineate a solitary articulation their whole lives. In any case, among these emojis, there lives a special multi-expressional emoji called Gene. The purpose for this is the nonattendance of a channel in Gene. This prompts a few issues, including frustration from his dad over the way that Gene can’t make the non specific “meh” articulation. The greatest issue, in any case, emerges when Alex chooses a meh emoji to send to a companion on the application and Gene unintentionally makes the wrong face. Quality is sent to the ‘washout campaign’, a place where all the never utilized emojis remain.

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