We have dependably been informed that “Marriage” is a marriage between two families. ‘Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety’ investigates the new age rendition of a similar conviction where “Marriage” is a marriage between two companion circles. What happens when you choose to get hitched, yet your closest companion and your sweetheart can’t see eye to eye. Sonu and Titu are cherished companions. Titu has dependably been a gullible sweetheart, who begins to look all starry eyed effortlessly and Sonu has dependably needed to advance in to spare him. Be that as it may, Sweety is the ideal lady of the hour and Titu is head over foot rear areas in adoration with her. Sonu’s intuition to secure Titu at whatever cost, influences him to feel that she’s unrealistic. What results is a war between the closest companion and the lady to be. While Sweety is attempting to awe Titu and the family similar, Sonu is out to undermine the idealistic sentiment.

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