Life of three men comes stuck in an unfortunate situation when their photographs show up on notice for cleansing.

Publication Boys is a comic drama motion picture. The film is concerning The world turns upside close to for three men, Vinay Sharma Bobby Deol, Arjun Singh Shreyas Talpade and Jaagavar Chaudhary Sunny Deol,taking into account than they find their photos right around a trailer advancing “nasbandi” vasectomy. Furthermore, far and wide and wide ahead, begins their trip of getting embarrassed by their families and society; revolting touching the framework which landed them in this ambiguous wreckage in the primary place.The motion picture spins in bank account to three men the quiet Vinay Sharma Bobby Deol, the far and wide along than energize Arjun Singh Shreyas Talpade and the dangerous Jaagavar Chaudhary Sunny Deol. One cheerful day, the three men acknowledge to their photos upon a business advancing vasectomy nasbandi and the film follows how this blunder influences their lives.

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