My Friend Dahmer is a dramatization, blood and gore flick. The motion picture is about an infamous serial executioner he was a bashful alcoholic high schooler who never entirely fit in. In view of the acclaimed realistic novel by derf backderf this is the genuine frequenting story of jeffrey dahmer in his school. the Midwest United States in the vicinity of 1978 and 1991 preceding being caught and imprisoned. He would end up noticeably one of America’s most scandalous serial executioners. This is the story before that story. Jeff Dahmer Disney Channel’s Ross Lynch is a clumsy adolescent attempting to endure secondary school with a family life in ruins. He gathers roadkill, focuses on an area jogger Vincent Kartheiser Mad Men and adapts to his flimsy mother Anne Heche and well meaning father Dallas Roberts. He starts to carry on at school.

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