Justice League is a movement, activity and dream motion picture. The account of the motion picture is about war. Batman joins various brave mysterious saints John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Etrigan the Demon Jason Blood, Swamp Thing and Black Orchid to help spare the world and frame a group bearing the Justice League’s name to manage powerful dangers. A lady is raise finished in her auto and when she rises she see’s an evil presence. It’s demonstrated the evil spirits she are seeing are quite recently ordinary individuals. However the evil presence approaches her window and in dread she dashes off down the road. Other individuals are appeared as evil spirits as she runs them down in the road. She keeps on running down individuals until the point that her auto is halted by Wonder Woman who stands up to the lady on her activities. The lady shouts she see’s evil spirits, and argues if Wonder Woman see’s them. Ponder Woman reviews the massacre around her and answers, I just observe one.

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