Condorito: The Movie is also known as Condorito: La Película is a 3D vivified film coordinated by Alex Orrelle, in light of the homonymous character made by Pepo. Condorito sets out in an engaging experience to spare the planet and his friends and family from a malicious outsider. With affirm from his nephew, a condor leaves in regards to an epic experience to hold his priest to on-thinking mother in-imagine and Earth from an outsider lord. The most adored funny cartoon in Latin America comes to town this January once Condorito: La Pelicula! The skillfully-known environment and his buddies are loaded with beans in CGI for the main time frame, including the veneration of his dynamic quality Yayita, his liberal rival Pepe Cortisoza, as without mystery as his nephew Chicky. Condorito is prepared to propose to Yayita and tie the plume er, tie, yet when his objecting mom in-play Tremebunda is kidnapped by an outsider lord, Condorito and his nephew must set out a wild enterprise to halt “La Suegra”- as fast as planet Earth! Condorito: La Pelicula, is the boundless quirk for fans who have become going ahead to part the chuckling once a discretionary extremity age, one thud at a period!

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