Big Sonia is a personal and carefully measured narrative that endeavors to ponder two Sonias: the 13-year-old young lady who survived internment at different inhumane imprisonments and the maturing needleworker now savagely resolved to utilize the encounters of her horrendous past to teach and rouse others in her group. At the same time, Sonia battles to keep those same recollections from expending her. Coordinated by Todd Soliday and Sonia’s granddaughter, Leah Warshawski, Big Sonia conveys with it a whiff of hagiography in all the gushing applause and regard it doles out to its adorable subject, yet the film additionally doesn’t bashful far from showing Sonia in a negative light, especially in the bunch ways her monstrous injury proceeds to unfavorably influence her associations with her kids.

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