Minister DAVID NEWMAN is an adoring spouse and father, set to assume control over his dad’s congregation while dismissing the guarantees he’s made to his twelve year old child, ERIC. KATE HERNANDEZ is a profoundly determined single-parent and proprietor of a neighborhood eatery. Her little girl MARIA is a free energetic youngster trying to be the first in her family to set off for college. JOHN DANIELSON is the proprietor of a coming up short development organization, who sees his girl MICHELLE’s juvenile singing vocation as an exit from money related trouble.The lives of these outsiders impact when two touches of destiny strike consecutive. The first: while messaging and driving in her auto, Maria incidentally hits Eric, which lands Maria in prison and leaves Eric’s family in an incomprehensible problem. The second: while trying out for a noteworthy record mark, Michelle breakdown, prompting a revelation about her wellbeing which shakes the very establishment of her dad’s fantasy. Each of the three families end up at an intersection, scrutinizing their confidence and …

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