Sonny Hyman


Sonny Jack Hyman was born on 20 Feb, 2012 at 6:56 pm to parents Paul Hyman and Crystyl Marineau. He was born 3 minutes before his twin brother Dexter and weighed 2 lbs. Precocious little Sonny learned to read before he could speak full sentences, with him and his brother mastering the alphabet and counting to 100 before the age of 2 (in both English and Spanish). Before they reached the age of five, both Sonny and his brother taught themselves to count in Japanese with the help of YouTube videos and both excelled so well in math that they were both accepted into Mensa. His mother Crystyl took the boys to a casting call for Catastrophe (2015) and when they finished their audition, they were told the had won the part of "Frankie" for Series 2 and were told to go to see the costume person. Sonny said he wanted to be Darth Vader - thinking it was Halloween. In his spare time, Sonny likes play super heroes with his brother, work on his mad soccer skills, ride his scooter, learn new languages and tell poop jokes. He resides in the Muswell Hill area of north London with his Mum, Dad and brother. Twin brother of Dexter Hyman First cousin of Devon Marineau and Sydney Marineau


Movie Name Release Date
Goodbye Christopher Robin September 29, 2017