Rae Lim


Rae Lim is a Singaporean actor and dancer based in London. She graduated with a first class honors degree, a Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (Psychology with Combined Studies) and also completed the Graduate Diploma in Law. Her professional background extends to experience in fashion PR, legal administration, sales & marketing as well as performance arts. She is particularly skilled in the area of Latin dance and has taught and choreographed Salsa and Bachata for 5 years. Her skills have taken her to placements in the European Salsa and Bachata championships, being a featured dancer in "Cuban Fury", as well being an assistant choreographer on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing. She is also proficient in Commercial dance and has been a featured dancer and actress for several artistes including Gregory Porter, and most recently Disciples ft. David Guetta. Rae is now focusing mainly on acting and played the lead role in a short film in 2013 that was played in 16 festivals, received 4 nominations and an award. She then went onto playing a lead role in "Edge of Sleep", a film which went to the Cannes Film Festival in 2014, and then another lead in "The Mantis", which showed in Action on Film. In between filming for guest and lead roles, Rae also does stand-in work - with her latest job being Bridget Jones' Baby - as well as accent coach (primarily General American and East Asian accents). Rae's upcoming projects include the lead role in a horror film in the Slasher Universe with Mycho Entertainment, an action film where she plays "The Figure" - a rather disturbing villain - and Xiu Mei in "Deadline" with Tricell Films


Movie Name Release Date
Tomb Raider March 16, 2018