Mark A. Keeton


Mark A. Keeton is a professional actor who hails from Texas originally, but has been in New York for over a decade. Having worked for many years primarily in theater, he jumped into film later in his career and has found success in a variety of film/TV projects. From drama to broad comedy, Mark has been working steadily the past 10 years in both film/TV and theater in the city and regionally. Excellent with dialects, he's played a variety of characters with accents, such as British, German, Danish, Russian, Southern (of course) and even Costa Rican. He also speaks Spanish conversationally. He excels in sophisticated and darker roles, especially villains, but also enjoys working on family drama and taking on quirky roles in broad comedies. He's been tackling roles in every genre and has been fortunate to work on a wide spectrum of projects with quality people. Experienced and seasoned, he brings professionalism and know-how to whatever set he is on.


Movie Name Release Date
Wonderstruck October 20, 2017