Liesl Ahlers


Liesl Ahlers is a South African Actress. She studied Acting for Film & Television in Canada at the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts (VADA). After graduating at the top of her class, she returned to South Africa. Upon returning she worked alongside William Hurt in BBC Two's The Challenger Disaster. She also co-created and acted in the short film Brunch that went on to screen at film festivals in New York and Seattle. Liesl was cast as the role of Marina, the very troubled central character opposite an all-international cast in the international feature film Friend Request (Warner Bros). Liesl is also known to act as voice & motion capture artist for the character of Sophie in the animation series Inside Job and have done voice over work for esteemed companies such as Virgin Atlantic and TomTom Sports. Liesl is a Brown Belt in Martial Arts, trained in Korean fighting and Self Defense (Hapkido) and is trained in various weapons including nunchaku and sword under Master Vladimir Grachev. Liesl is the designer, owner and founder of women's clothing label: Call A Cab & Take It Slow.


Movie Name Release Date
Friend Request September 22, 2017