Kerrieanne Booker


Kerrieanne Booker is a British actress who was born in South-East London, UK on 12th January 1998. Kerrieanne's stage name is "LittleKarrot" due to her Auburn hair and height of 5'2. She has also been in a couple of feature films. Kerrieanne's mind was set on becoming a performing artist at the age of 5yrs old and very little has stopped her achieving her dreams of becoming an actress as she's been growing up as to becoming a singing artist and song-writer, with her vocal range being a Soprano (Bb3 - E6). She has always enjoyed the many challenging's along the way that kept her going as she loves to perform. for Kerrieanne becoming another character means setting challenges for herself to experience another person's mind set and emotions.. For Kerrieanne it helps her to forget anything that bothers her in her daily life as she doesn't need to think about it when she being a character and not herself. Kerrieanne has been told many times she is very inspirational for her age and knowing that she can lift people and make them smile is an indescribable feeling. . Kerrieanne believes the world wouldn't be anything without performing arts, it is growing industry which is exciting and provides a special value to people's lives as they can relate to characters that are portrayed. Kerrieanne is proud to be involved in the performing arts industry!


Movie Name Release Date
Welcome to New York February 23, 2018