Dontez James


Dontez James is an American actor born in Cleveland Ohio, raised in Ravenna Ohio. Dontez James is a published Author of the book known as "We all do dumb things." Dontez James wrote the book at the age of 12 and went on to be Officially published by age 19. Dontez James attended the university of Akron for a year, as he would like to call (Soul searching) where he went through difficult times, but also life changing situations. Upon meeting the sensational Yvette Nicole Brown, Dontez had just entered his second semester at the university but did not feel as if he belonged. After having a conversation with his dorm mate they had come across signs on campus that featured Yvette Nicole Brown. Shortly after they went into an event where she had been on stage to speak. Dontez felt inspired and sought out to find his personal legend after he learned that she too was from Cleveland Ohio. Four long months later Dontez met another Cleveland Native "Steve Harvey." One thing Dontez remembers him saying during their meeting; "Find out what it is you want to do with your life, and do what ever it takes in order to make it happen." Two months later, Dontez James went on to become an Actor, he has been Featured in "Concussion Starring Will Smith, Cleveland Abduction, With This Ring, and went on to claim his first principal role a year later in the Film Directed and Written by Steven Caple JR. "The Land." Dontez James is now represented by Docherty Talent Agency, and has Recently captured his Second Principal role in the new Life time Film, Girl From Compton. Dontez James also goes back to his home town of Ravenna to give speeches, and he also has two Scholarships in his name. Dontez James plans on living his dreams, and one day making his books into movies.


Movie Name Release Date
My Friend Dahmer November 3, 2017
Last Flag Flying November 3, 2017