Chris Adams


Chris Adams is a native of South Carolina, and grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. At an early age, Chris had a passion for pretending to be other characters and act out scenes in his childhood, he practiced his craft silently. Chris realized as he was finishing college that he decided to come up with a career plan in the TV/Film industry and reached out to many industry people located in Atlanta, G. A. and Los Angeles for guidance. Chris, then, up and moved from Winthrop University to Atlanta, G.A. and has immediately started acting classes and booking roles. He is mainly known for his role in Sustained as Mr. Kent. Chris is excited about his potential in the film business and what the future holds. In his spare time, Chris likes to practice martial arts, play Texas Limit Hold'em poker, work out, and do volunteer work whenever the opportunity arises.


Movie Name Release Date
Beyond Skyline December 15, 2017